How To Do Pinterest Marketing

When you want to promote your business on the Internet, you have a lot of tools and resources to use. One of the best tools for promoting your products or services is Pinterest. This platform is popular among many business owners because it offers a lot of opportunities and targeted visitors for any type of business. The amount of Pinterest users keeps increasing from year to year.

This number will show you the overall potential offered by this social media platform. You can join 500,000 other business owners who have their Pinterest for Business accounts. Opening this business account allows you to get access to any marketing features for promoting your brand on the Internet. Here are some useful tips on how you can use Pinterest for increasing your brand awareness efficiently.

What Is Pinterest

Let’s start with the basics think of Pinterest as Google with only images. It works primarily with SEO same as google the only difference is you can save these images to boards in which you create to organize various topics.

For the sake of this article you would need to create a business account and create your own pins and add other creator pins to your boards. This way people who are looking for similar content can save your pin creating a snowball effect eventually making your content easier to find.

You will need to remember this is also a social media network, so engagement is key. You will need to follow similar creators including your so-called competitors which I refer to as teachers. Until you start to gain traction you will need to comment on other Pins to gain extra exposure and traffic to your Pinterest account.

Pinterest For Marketing

As you already know Content rules everything. So just like Instagram people come to Pinterest for Visual content, however the difference is one you can click through straight to a link and two they are typically coming for some type of information.

To help distribute your content and to be more accessible to the algorithm you can set up group boards. This allows you to invite similar creators to add content to a specific board and vice versa. This helps with cross promotion and has your links readily available in multiple places.

#StaksTip: There are ways to automate this process I recommend doing it yourself in the begging for knowledge and skill set purposes. After that look into Tailwinds for more assistance.

With well over 300 million monthly users and growing you can understand why you would want to build a community on this platform.

Use Pinterest to gain cold traffic for your business Funnel by building a community of like-minded people who share each other’s pins and remember to engage with comments, likes, and shares. The more you allow people to feel comfortable the deeper down your Funnel they will go, eventually leading to sales and profit.

Now Pinterest is ran off of SEO, but with it being a social media platform you will need some follows, but honestly this is mainly for show and to give new comers the validation they may need to follow you as well.

#StaksTip: Remember people are emotional and want to do things other people are doing. So, if other people are following you so will they.

So, in the beginning of setting up your account make sure you promote your Pinterest account to your following from other sites and email list.

Next start following other accounts with similar interest this will help if they follow back, because their followers will get a notification that they might be interested in your account.

#StaksTip: Pinterest has not come out yet saying they are against follow 4 follow but if history has taught us anything, I would stay away from this.

When creating your pins be sure to take advantage of keywords and hashtags. Using popular searched key phrases will help when people come to Pinterest looking for something in particular and they find you. Likewise, Pinterest has now implemented hashtags to be searchable similar to Instagram. So, pound away.

Last and certainly last, you can use Pinterest Ads account for Brand Awareness. I would not recommend this until your account is fully set up with multiple boards and at least 100 pins. You do not want to pay to grab someone’s attention and then disappoint once you receive it.

Your objective is to get them to click a link that either gets them to give you an email or make a sale of some sort. The problem is you and a million other people are attempting to do the same thing, so you need to stand out by educating the people with informative information related to what you are offering. Coming off as a salesperson will get you a one way ticket to no traffic and waste of time. So be consistent and give valuable content.

#StaksTip: Think of it as Give and Take. You give them something that cost nothing aka information. They take that information and give you money or an email either way you win.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

As a small business owner or even an affiliate marketer you must understand one particularly important detail about Pinterest users. The reason they come to this sight is to find inspiration to spend money or to find something to spend money on. Regardless they are about to spend money and your objective is to get them to spend it with you.

That starts with setting up your account for success. Which means you need to set up a business account so that you can get in depth analytics. Your description should persuade people to not only follow you, but actually click through to your linked website.

Your linked website is what allow you to set up google analytics and Rich Pins. These pins allow users on your site to hover over an image on your site and pin it straight to Pinterest and its linked to your site. Now that’s how you create genuine back links.

Now its time to create that personal touch with your audience. As a small business owner, you do not want to come off holier than though. You want to humanize your page with images and videos that allow people an inside to what your company stands for. You should be more of a cousin that a parent, laugh with your audience cry with them, they need to know that they are more important as a person than what is in their pockets. This will create a relationship and now not only do they feel comfortable shopping with you they also promote you for free.

Now that you are producing a following and a few sales. Its time to analyze the data. Go to your analytics and deep dive who your visitors are and what their actions are. Use this data to take advantage of conversion and traffic advertisements within the platform. Pick responsive pins or create new ones based on the data such as which performed better photos or videos, what colors were they most responsive to etc.

#StaksTip: Take your time with this and scale into your ad budget, it is not a guarantee return, but if used correctly with close attention to analytics this will help take your business to the next level.

Pinterest Marketing Tools

Fiverr- If you have a budget and no skill set what so ever you can find creative designers here. Some of which will produce a set of Pinterest templates for $5 and all you will have to do is add text and repeat. If that’s not enough you can even hire someone here to run your Pinterest account for you.

Canva- This is one I personally use for most of my pins. Canva is an online platform at an affordable price that has built in templates that are updated daily and it allows you to schedule your content. Have some skill in design you can start from scratch with the correct sized blank template and millions of built in images. You can use this for all social media networks, business cards, presentations, and tons of other useful reasons.

Tailwinds- Helps with joining group boards and building a community with its tribe feature. This will allow you to pin to other high traffic boards and they will post to your group boards allowing cross promotion. To top it off after you create multiple images Tailwinds will handle the rest auto posting these pins to various board so you do not have to do the guest work.

PlaceIt- Is similar to Canva it has millions of templates for various platforms and mockups. I use this when I need something different or a short video. Their mockups can be used as creative images within your pins sometimes you have to think outside of the box to draw attention.

InVideo- This online service is great for mini and extended Pinterest and YouTube videos when you do not want to put your face out there and want your videos to have captions for those viewers who can not turn on the sound while they are watching your video.

Pinterest Marketing Tips

1. Find the best time to post in Pinterest

There is no exact schedule when the best time to post on Pinterest is. The best time to post depends on the target audience's habits. It is a good idea for you to do some tests for finding the most optimum posting times on Pinterest. According to the Social Fresh, the best time to post is ranging between 2 – 4 PM EST and also 8 PM – 1 AM EST.

This data is taken from the average posts from many different categories and business types. HubSpot also finds out that Saturday morning will be another best time to post any images or other interesting content on Pinterest.

2. Make it easy for your users to pin your content on their Pinterest accounts

This is another useful tip that you can follow, especially when you want to use Pinterest to increase your brand. You can add a hovering “Pin it” button on your website. When your customers are happy with your content, they can press this button for pinning your website on their Pinterest accounts. It will increase the interaction between your brand and your followers on Pinterest.

3. Combine your Pinterest method with the best SEO strategy

If you want to get maximum benefits from your Pinterest marketing strategy, you need to combine it with the other strategies, including SEO. You can use the SEO method for getting your pins discovered on search engines, such as Google.

In order to do this step, you need to do deep keyword research for finding some popular keywords or terms related to your business. You can use Google AdWords Keyword Planner for finding some popular keywords for your pins. Then, you can add these keywords to your pin titles, pin descriptions, and also image file names.

4. Post frequently on your account

Increasing your Pinterest followers can be an effective way for building good brand awareness from your products or services. You can start gaining new followers for your account by posting about 5 – 30 new pins every day. You can pin the content from other people and also your unique content. Spread your pinning in a day, so you can reach a lot of potential customers in many different times in a day.

5. Engage with your followers

This is another important tip that you have to follow, especially if you want to achieve your success with the Pinterest marketing campaign. You can engage with your Pinterest followers directly by responding to their comments, answering their questions, and also discussing with them. You can take advantage of engaging with your followers by addressing them directly. You can use their names for taking your customer service to a higher level. When your followers can engage with you, they will be happy to follow your brand and buy your products or services in the future.

After you do all of those steps above, you also need to track your strategies and analyze their results. You can use the Pinterest Analytics feature that is available for all business accounts. This tool allows you to see which pins or boards that are popular among your followers, who the audience from your profile is (including location, gender, interests, etc.), which devices people are using, etc. These statistics help you grow your account quickly, so you can get a lot of benefits by promoting your brand on Pinterest.

So What Is Next

1.) Set up an account for Canva or use Fiverr to create Pins

2.) Set up your business profile and optimize your account

3.) Begin with your strategy with your end goal in mind

4.) Follow the tips above

5.) Let us know how things are going by joining our forum


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